Tuscany. Light breeze. Morning Sun.


Behind The Scenes

Our journey begins in one of the most beautiful Italian regions, Tuscany. Set among astonishing grassy hills, purple and yellow tulips and clear blue skies. This iconic region is full of well-tended landscapes of vineyards, olive groves and ancient hilltop villages.

Italian Leather

Pure elegance with a dash of rich-fruity and playful colours are incorporated into every single La Pelle, creating structural simplicity. These elements translate into our passion behind selecting only authentic materials for La Pelle's Italian Leather Bags.

This is why we have established strong connections with our tanneries that share the same unique qualities we embody. We only use ‘Vitello’ leathers, which represent the highest quality while adoring pattern leathers with their distinctive character and sophisticated look. Our immaculate craftsmanship and attention to detail is what makes our Italian leather bags and clutches stand out.



Every story has its ending. For us the end result is the new beginning of your own, unique story. With carefully selected materials, exceptional craftsmanship and passion, every single La Pelle represents something unique, distinctive and special. This is when the real emotions are born. These are your emotions. For each of you it will be something different, something truly yours.

This is your La Pelle.


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The Misty Sunset Hidden Behind the Hills.

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