December 10, 2016

Lusso Campaign 2016

Summer in Winter – La Pelle visits Europe

Lusso collection 2016 (Italian: luxury) was designed and created within Europe. The Lusso handbags are La Pelle’s first collection and so, are dear to our hearts. Inspired by European architecture, it is symbolic with words such as elegance, luxury and simplicity. A dual faceted, Italian leather handbag which balances two opposing forces. The structure of a corporate briefcase and a beautiful, soft, snake-embossed leather.

Our Lusso’s muse was a Polish beauty, Maria Gaca. Maria reflects qualities in what La Pelle loves about their designs: natural, subtle and elegant. The shoot took place in the centre of Warsaw, Poland in the middle of Winter with temperatures around negative 10C! Our model was brave enough to walk around without a jacket, while we were all trying to warm her up with hot chocolates in-between shots.

Adrian Blachut, one of Warsaw’s  top photographers was directing the shoot, while Marta Harner created feminine, summer looks with a dash of corporate feel. It was a pleasure working with such talented people and Poland, we will be back!



Model: Maria Gaca
Photographer: Adrian Blachut
Stylist:  Marta Harner


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