March 24, 2017

Trend Report by Fashion Weekly


Ciao Bella!

We love sharing our news with you all, including our small and big successes. So here is another one! We were recently featured in the Trend Report (Issue 49, Autumn 2017) investigated and thoroughly prepared by our most fashionable Magazine in Brisbane, Australia: Fashion Weekly. Fashion Weekly has been run by a very talented lady, Stacey O’Keefe. I have been amazed how Stacey took Fashion Weekly to the next level! You can read about her publishing career here.

Our nude clutch, Milano is the suspect of this issue’s Trend Report and we can’t be more proud to see our new design gaining so much media attention as well as (and most importantly) our customers attention!

Milano is a handcrafted, Italian leather clutch from our Equilibrio Collection. Influenced by fast changing technology and instant communication, travelling at the speed of light, it has been ornamented with hand-stitched wire motifs, which can be seen throughout the design and continued onto our signature leather strap. The Clutch reflects Italian design with its simple yet elegant hard structure and unique detailing. This, like everything in Equilibrium is perfectly balanced with our Tuscan grainy leather.

Milano in champagne colour, is our nude clutch, perfect for the day at the races or a cocktail party. The selection of hardware (silver or gold) gives you that perfect balance between a typical ‘going-out’ clutch and something more toned down and casual.

It is a perfect clutch for any occasion as it doesn’t scream for attention. Its gorgeous nude colour is a combination of beige with a dash of pink tones to it. Depending on the light, it is either more beige or a bit more blush pink, thus the name champagne!

According to Fashion Experts at FW, the dominant colour for this season is rich magenta balanced with blushing tones. I absolutely love everything nude, pale pink or blush so I can’t be more excited for this season. Pair the outfit with some nude heals with our leather nude clutch and you are ready to go!

Nude Clutch Bag

Shop: Milano Clutch Champagne (Gold hardware)


Photo Credit: Kirsty Fleming






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