June 6, 2016

Koh Chang Project 2016


Social Impact

We were searching for our first non-profit project while travelling through South East Asia. As they say, you find what you are looking for when you stop searching. While trekking through Koh Chang, Thailand, during a rainy afternoon lost in a jungle, we found a small village with a school for Cambodian children.

The Cambodian Kids Care Center (CKC) in Koh Chang is providing food and school education to Cambodian kids who have parents working in Koh Chang. The Center does not receive financial support from Thai authorities or the government and is solely financed through do  nations and volunteers.

Little Gem

Cambodian workers make up nearly 70% of the service and construction workers in Koh Chang. Some of these workers do not yet have their work papers and this means their children cannot attend Thai schools. Without CKC, children aged 4 – 16 years are left in tin and plastic-sheet huts they call home for up to 10 hours a day, alone or taken along to construction sites and other dangerous work places. CKC transport these children to and from school, feed them a hot meal every day and give them a chance to break the poverty cycle through education.

Get involved

We have donated school supplies for the children including books, stationary, English materials and school decorations.

If you would like to donate, you can get in contact by visiting their Facebook page for all the details: Cambodian Kids Care Center.





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