Italian Leather

Our luxury Italian leathers come from Tuscany, an Italian region famous for its outstanding leather tanneries. This is where the magic happens. The raw material, durable and strong, is processed and tanned using the traditional tanning methods of old while also combining with new age, sustainable practices. All our handbags are handcrafted using only luxury Italian leathers from the Tuscan hills. European leather production historically positioned itself at the top end of the market, constantly seeking to improve quality and to innovate its offer to the market.


The quality continually demonstrated by Italian leather keeps European tanneries ahead of international competition. Italians are among the best in the world to master the art of tanning and creating unique textures, giving them a luxurious finish and touch. By using the best Italian leathers, we can guarantee you smoothness of the skin and quality which remains as time goes by. Each leather piece is unique like your own skin, therefore variations in texture will occur.


Raw Materials

The raw materials of the Italian tanning industry are hides and skins. Of which, over 99% are derived from animals that have been raised primarily for wool, milk and/or meat production. This shows the ecological role of tanneries by recovering a by-product which otherwise would have been disposed of. Thus, the tanneries demonstrate similarities with the recycling industry.

Your choice brings change

Italian tanneries are at risk. Competition from countries where social and environmental standards are poorly enforced provide cheaper leathers that are more harmful to the environment. Italian tanneries continuously review the efficiency of their production processes and undertake research into new ways of reducing the impact it has on our planet.


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