August 11, 2017

Girl Boss Edition


Meet Ellie the Woman behind the Flower Haul

How did the Flower Haul idea come about?

The real seed for the idea was planted (pardon the pun!) when I had had a few busy weekends in a row, and had missed out on getting my flowers from the local farmers’ markets. I was bummed out that I had to go yet another week without fresh flowers and it got me thinking that you can buy anything online nowadays, except fresh flowers from the markets! There wasn’t really anywhere you could go to buy simple, natural bunches of flowers just like the ones you’d pick up at the flower markets. So, we set out to create an online flower shop that offers range of fresh, seasonal bunches of flowers that you could feel comfortable buying for yourself, but are also sweet enough that you could still buy for others as well.

What are the biggest challenges running an online flower shop?

There are so many! I think the top three challenges would be: The level of hard work required – I’m a trooper when it comes to work but I really did underestimate the level of unrelenting hard work required to start the business, and keep up the momentum.

Having to make big, scary decisions (and guesses!) about things that are not really reversible! I can be indecisive and sometimes just wish someone would come along and tell me what the right decision to make is. But when you’re at the wheel, those decisions are all your call.

The third challenge is working with a product that is unpredictable and perishable. There are a number of factors that can really affect supply, availability and quality of the flowers available at the flower markets each week so each week is different.. Then making sure the flowers are kept an optimum temperature during the packing process and stay fresh while they’re in transit is a whole other challenge!

What did you do before you created Flower Haul?

I have a communications background and throughout my career, I have had various roles that included being a journalist, a copywriter, an editor, a content creator and a content marketer. In other words, lots of sitting at the computer screen for most of the day!

Who inspires you the most?

After starting a business of my own, I have a newfound respect for small business owners of every shape and kind. From marketing, business growth, logistics, fulfilment, operations, customer service, administration … small business owners are wearing a lot of hats!

I guess I now know it really takes a lot of hard work to show up everyday, bring your best game, keep going and not give up. So it’s the small business owners around me that really inspire me each day.

What are your plans for the future?

On the business front, we’ve got so many big plans in store for Flower Haul this year – it’s hard to keep up with them all. We’re moving to a new premises at the end of this month, which will allow us to offer our market bunches on demand, with two hour delivery in Brisbane. That’s exciting!

We’ve also got Mother’s Day on the horizon, with less than two months to go. It’s our busiest period so lots of preparation is required!

On a personal front, I would really like to go on a holiday this year! I’m hoping for a trip to the Greek Islands sometime later this year.

Favourite handbag?

I’m a bit of a minimalist and I don’t have a huge collection of bags or jewelry or accessories. I’m more of a jeans and sneakers girl! But I do have a classic Longchamp Le Pliage black bag, which has been such a versatile all-rounder for many years.

Most importantly..What is your favorite flower?

Seriously, it changes all the time! I’m a sucker for the soft and delicate types so my top three would be hydrangea, peonies, ranunculus. I still buy flowers for myself every week, too!



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