La Pelle’s sustainable leather handbags can be seen throughout our business operations and global supply chain.


Sourcing leathers from Italian tanneries reflects La Pelle’s commitment to sustainability. The environmental and social values demonstrated by European leather keeps Italian tanners ahead of International competition. Sustainability of leather production is essentially based on the following pillars:

– Developing new products and chemical systems. These components are largely based on renewable raw materials;

– Reduced consumption of chemicals;

– Improving processes by reducing energy and water requirements. Making more efficient use of chemicals. Finding new ways of using by-products;

– Constantly improving leather properties in terms of sustainability during and after use. Longer service life. Lower leather consumption and recycling possibilities.

For further information on our Italian Leather see: Italian Leather Handbags.


We have taken several years to find the right manufacturers and suppliers around the globe who share the same values we embody. Principles enforced by our manufacturer:

-Anti-Corruption Policy;

-Human Rights Protection;

-The fairness of labour performance;

-Transparent and fair selection of employees;

-Management of Wages, Salaries, Remuneration and Welfare Benefits on the basis of fairness;

-HR and training practices;

-Work – life balance policy;

-Safety, Occupational Hygiene and Working Environment Policies.


In 2016 we also introduced flat-pack collapsible boxes made of recycled waste materials.


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