Ethical Fashion Brand


As an ethical fashion brand, La Pelle believes in radical transparency. We strive to apply it to our  supply chain from sourcing raw materials, production to packaging. Believing our customers have the right to know where and how our leather pieces are made. We also encourage you to ask questions and love seeing people engaged with the process.

As at 2017:

Country of origin: Thailand

Leather: Italy

Metal Hardware: Korea, Hong Kong and Japan


La Pelle has decided to take a path on becoming dedicated to ethical practices throughout our production processes. Our mission is to create beautiful products in an ethical way. Considering both the people making your leather accessories as well as our planet.

Over three years ago the world witnessed the tragedy in a Bangladeshi garment factory. Over 1000 lives were lost. This event left us speechless. Leaving us to question where and how our clothes and accessories are made and how corporations can sell fashion items cheaper and cheaper when everything else around us is only getting more expensive.


As consumers and designers we are responsible to be conscious about our purchasing decisions. Since La Pelle was born, we have decided to bring difference. We love handcrafted, unique, one-of-a-kind items that can be worn for years but also for our products to coincide with our beliefs.

Our commitment to ethical fashion can be seen throughout our global supply chain and our social impact on communities around the globe. For more information on our social impact see: LP Cares.


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