Lusso Collection

Simplicity is Luxury

 Lusso Collection 2016 (Italian: luxury), Designer Tote Bags Collection, has been designed and created within Europe.

Inspired by European architecture, it is symbolic with words such as elegance, luxury, simplicity.

A dual faceted handbag which balances two opposing forces. The structure of a corporate briefcase and a beautiful, soft snake-embossed leather.

Lusso is the revolutionised concept of a classic briefcase with enhanced feminine details. Simple yet contemporary. The embodiment of a European craft that has been intended to be worn lavishly.

Our Lusso Collection has been created with our ethical values. Focusing on using only sustainably sourced, luxury Italian Leather while also utilising our ethical supply chain, enabling us to create high quality, designer tote bags.

This is your world. Lusso.


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