Equilibrio Collection

The Art of Balance

Equilibrio Collection 2017 (Equilibrium) are our new designer clutch bags that have been inspired by constant changes in technology and instant communication.

Living in the fast lane. Balancing the old and new, the green and grey, the differences evolution has had on our world.

These forces have led to the creation of our designer clutch bags: Milano Clutch, Piccino Pouch and Smeraldo Clutch, our first handcrafted leather jewel.

Our designs are singular.

Each design has a unique meaning and shares a story, together they form an Equilibrium.

Our Equilibrio Collection has been created with the same ethical values as it’s predecessors. Focusing on using only sustainably sourced, luxury Italian Leather while also utilising our ethical supply chain, enabling us to create high quality, designer clutch bags.


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