Tuscany. Light breeze. Morning Sun.

Our journey begins in one of the most beautiful Italian regions, Tuscany,
where we have established strong connections with the best European tanneries.
Every La Pelle is crafted by hand, thus no two leather pieces are exactly alike.

This is what makes your La Pelle truly unique.



We strive to combine the old with the new, the past with the future,
the traditional hand-made process with modern and futuristic designs.
This is why we are so passionately involved in one of the oldest industries.
We believe that leather craft is like cooking, we need to find
the best ingredients and spices to create a unique dish.
The key ingredient is the finest Italian leather, 'Vitello' leathers.


Being an Australian Designer Handbags Brand,
we cherish working with the best craftsmen who we wholeheartedly trust and admire,
observing every single step, starting with hand-cutting our leathers,
selecting the best pieces, hand-painting the edges and finally, sewing all parts together.



With carefully selected materials, exceptional craftsmanship and passion,
every single La Pelle represents something unique, distinctive and special.
This is when the real emotions are born. These are your emotions.
For each of you it will be something different, something truly yours.
These are your Australian Designer Handbags.
La Pelle.


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